Sewing From The Heart

I posted a teaser on my Instagram / Facebook accounts the other night of my late night sewing. I asked if you could guess what it might be. I don’t know about you, but I love sewing at night. I am a night owl as it, but my creative juices really flow late at night.

When i started this blog I had a totally different vision of what it would be, what I would be making and teaching. Four months ago my life was changed and flipped upside down. I was not going to stop sewing — sewing is my happy place.

I am always looking for what my next project can be. At the end of September I stumbled upon a group/project. Operation Chemo Comfort! I got started instantly! I needed and wanted to help! I truly believe that people are put into your life for a reason. The ladies at Operation Chemo Comfort are some of the most selfless people I have ever encountered and are wonderful individuals who have the most amazing spirit. If you have followed my posts you know how much I have enjoyed following the work they do. A short week after connecting with these wonderful ladies and telling them how much I wanted to help my family and I found ourselves at Froedtert Hospital dealing with heartbreaking news- Brain Tumor! I more than anything wanted to help even more. It helped, I needed to keep busy and help at the same time. I made Prayer Cloths and got to work faster with my crew to sew headscarves (Giving back Sew-Along) and crocheted hats at any downtime I had.

Six weeks later came more bad news. My best friend/ Big brother ( the real brains behind this website) was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer! IS THIS REAL?!?!? Like I said, my world was flipped upside down. (My awesome sister for Christmas made him an awesome blanket (Sibling Love) for him to take to chemo. apparently the creative juices were flowing through her as well )

Awesome work done by Melissa #JoshStrong

I was reading blog after blog after blog and I kept running across everyone saying to invest into comfy clothes, chemo clothes. Find clothes to help access the port easier . What does that even mean? – I went onto Pinterest found a few ideas and had him pull out all the comfy clothes from the closet. When he goes in for chemo he wears a pump that is connected to his port for 48 hrs that continues to administer a chemo drug. Day 1 that night we found out that as comfortable as it was to wear a regular t-shirt, it was very difficult to wear and it was not putting him at ease. We kept thinking it was going to get caught. We pulled out the scissors and just cut the shirt! Unfortunately the shirt then hung open but at that point we just did not care, the tubing was no longer getting caught on the top of the shirt. I got to thinking ….

He needed to wear something to be able to access the port at chemo and to continue wearing the pump where he was not so exposed. I went to the store and bought some t-shirts in his size and cut them all! I thought about adding a zipper but that did not work for 2 reasons. 1) when the pump was connected we wouldn’t be able to zipper it up again and if we did we would be in the same spot we were in with a regular t-shirt. 2) one of the chemo drugs causes an extreme sensitivity the cold, therefore, the metal from the zipper would then become a problem. Then it hit me- BUTTONS!  I found solid scraps of fabric and sewed them onto the shirt for added color- added reinforcement – and to add a spot for buttons. This would then allow it to be open for them to access the port, but then also to be able to close it and the tubing could then be threaded through the opening between the buttons! He loved the idea- he was comfortable – and all the nurses commented on how awesome and functional they were!

Although, the circumstances may not be the greatest, this was probably one of the best projects I have ever sewn. I will continue to make them!

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  1. Cheryle says:

    Do you have step-by-step instructions with pictures!


    1. i do not off hand but I can definitely provide you with some. Inbox me your email address at and i will send you some instructions 🙂 It’s definitely a hit


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