Sibling Love

For the most part I can ask my sister to help me with just about anything. If i need to finish a project she is willing to help, but that comes with its own challenges. My sister excels at anything she sets to do, but she has to like it to keep going. Sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting… have always been things i have always enjoyed, her not so much. Many years ago she attempted to sew up a hole in a shirt she had, she proceeded to sit at a serger …and the next thing you know a giant slice was taken out of the shirt. She tries so she gets an A for effort.

I believe this time of year brings out the craftiness in people and she definitely was bit by that bug. She kept saying she wanted to make a blanket, then she wanted to learn to arm knit. One evening we went to a local craft store and picked up some skeins of yarn and later that evening she learned how to arm knit, she had fun and she made an awesome arm knitted scarf.

a few weeks later our family received the heartbreaking news that our best friend/brother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. It turns out my sister drew his name in our family gift exchange for the holidays. She knew exactly what she was going get him and she got to work. she put together this wonderful comforting basket filled with a bunch of his favorite things and the center of it all was a giant blanket!!! I was so shocked, so proud, and most of all SO IMPRESSED!  I was/am so impressed i had to write about it. My whole family, who knows that this was very unlike her was also so impressed!2016-12-27

she did beautiful work. You know how you can look at an item and know the time and love put into it. it was just that! I was so excited, i felt as if she gave it to me! She made him her very first blanket and it was perfect!

The very next day we were sitting around the living room at my mother’s house exchanging gifts as a family. i was handed this heavier bag, i was excited to open it instantly! I was left speechless, i had no words, i was stunned!  I pulled out a finger crocheted blanket that as made for me!!!! it was beautiful, it was soft, and it was warm! i can’t get enough of it. I actually covered myself with it later that day and fell right to sleep, so i am convinced it has magical powers! She then said to me ” you now have the second blanket i ever made”.20161228_153206

I have always loved sewing but i fell in love with quilting a few year back when i was struggling to figure out the right gift for my sister for Christmas. I decided on making her a quilt. If I can give anyone advice on beginning quilting is start small! Oh the stories that came out of making my sisters quilt, ooh the mistakes i made, they all make me laugh now! It was the first blanket i ever made and i wanted it to be hers406737_10100972958839748_212198224_n

So I write this blog post not only to brag about my sister’s talents but to encourage. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone, you might surprise yourself! It can be intimidating but I say give it a try first!!

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