Giving back Sew-Along

several weeks back, in a random sewing conversation i was having i was asked if i could teach them how to sew. It took everything out of me not to be overly enthusiastic and go extremely overboard. I mean someone was asking my help to teach them something I LOVE doing! I was racking my brain on where to start and what to teach them, just because I love every part of sewing does not mean they would share the same enthusiasm (yet).img_1940

browsing social media i stumbled upon Operation Chemo Comfort and instantly wanted to lend my skills and help spread the word (click here). The organization linked a crochet, knitting, and sewing pattern that would give participants a starting point. Simple and easy pattern! This was it! This is what i was going to to use as a 101 for teaching how to sew. I was going to make head scarves and help was needed to make lots, therefore, lets put some people to work.img_1941

We picked a date that work and my sister offered to let me use her house as our sewing space. I showed up at her house like a mary kay lady but with my sewing machines and notions for the day instead. img_1943

i taught them the importance of measuring twice and cutting once, what a seam allowance is and most importantly IRON, IRON , IRON! They did a fantastic job! they were filled with a ton of questions that i was able to answer and they even were able to play around with some decorative stitches for the top stitch. we were able to sew 24 head scarves that night between 3 of us.20161112_232309

Not only were they able to learn basic sewing skills but we were able to do it for a great cause.

I am looking forward to our next sewing workshop!

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  1. Ana Maria Vasquez says:

    Omg! I love you sooo much….you are so talented, creative and you have the biggest heart! You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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