Prayer Cloth

I am not a religious person per say but I ran across these and thought they were simply unique and an amazing gesture.

Due to very unfortunate circumstances my family and I have been spending much time together at the hospital. We have spent time uniting our energies and positive vibes, and praying for healing strength and recovery. A few nights ago I saw my cousin with an item made of yarn in her hand as she was pacing the hallways and that is when she revealed to me a small cloth that was crocheted that had a cross in the middle known as a Prayer Cloth or Pocket Prayer Shawl. She then proceeded to tell me as she was sitting in the chapel downstairs she stumbled upon them. I was intrigued.

The hospital chapel, a location of the hospital that I walk by everyday upon entering the hospital each day that like i said, i would just walk by. I entered the chapel and in front sat a basket filled with these tiny cloths in many colors with a sign above that read “Please take one”.


They are great to carry around as a reminder of someone’s healing thoughts, as a symbol of hope. At times like these it’s very easy for us to allow our minds go in a very negative direction and stay there and these can help as your daily reminder. I did just that! I began to think to myself that we as a family are at a such a difficult time that we can not allow our thoughts to head in that direction, so i went to work. I made several pocket prayer cloths for my family, for them to hold in their hands and remind them to keep healing thoughts and prayers. I also made extra to provide to The Chapel in hopes that i can contribute to someone else’s healing thoughts.

this was my final product.20161025_113023

I have attached a printable copy of the instructions to make one yourself. by clicking here –> Prayer Cloth Pattern

Healing thoughts are important!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. picagrrl says:

    So sorry you are going through this! Standing with you and your family! –Carrie (operation chemo comfort)


  2. Barbara Pavoni says:

    The instructions don’t show the 2nd pc at the top. Did you turn after Row 15?


    1. omgoodness! thank you for catching that! I will amend the instructions ASAP…. but in the meantime i would repeat row 13 and 14 before going into the SC’s
      Thank you again for catching that!


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